Cray in the Community

“The Community Chef Experience”

The Community Chef Experience takes the “Personal Chef Experience” out of the kitchen and into the community by connecting with different organizations to help feed the homeless. The Community Chef Experience also focuses on teaching busy working parents how to prepare healthy meal options for their families. In addition to teaching parents how to prepare meals, we also teach children both the creative and the practical side of cooking.


KitchenCray Kids is a culinary art program that teaches children the importance of nutrition and healthy eating. The program also teaches the importance of following your dreams and to never give up on something you love. Cooking helps with self-esteem; our young chefs expresses themselves through cooking and that expands their creativity and imagination.

The goal for KitchenCray Kids is to give children another outlet to focus their afterschool energies – while also creating a few future top chefs along the way.