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Harlem, New York
Summa Cum Laude Degree with Degree in Culinary Arts | Monroe College
Sous Chef at St. Gregory Hotel, Executive Chef - United States Department of Energy, Executive Chef - Indulj Restaurant, Executive Chef - Washington Marriott International. Experience from Thai & Mediterranean to Caribbean cuisine, as well as contemporary American dishes.

Chef James Robinson was raised in Harlem, New York, and at the tender age of eleven years old his passion for food began. As his grandmother raised him and his six siblings, Robinson was inspired by her informal culinary skills. Through spending time with her in the kitchen, Robinson truly found joy in creating food for his family.

In 2006, Robinson graduated summa cum laude with a degree in culinary arts from Monroe College. Driven by his passion for food and magnetic personality, Chef Robinson has led an expansive career in he culinary world. His dynamic professional legacy is distinguished most by his role as Sous Chef at St. Gregory Hotel, and as Executive Chef at the United States Department of Energy, Indulj Restaurant and the Washington Marriot International.

Through these experiences, Robinson has crafted his culinary identity. While Robinson’s expertise spans the globe from Thai, Mediterranean to Caribbean cuisine, Robinson enjoys preparing contemporary American dishes. Robinson also finds time to volunteer at a diverse church in Gaithersburg, MD, where he prepares meals and trains others in catering.

Robinson is also a Chef instructor for Raising Expectations Inc. where he teaches the youth (ages 10-18) culinary lessons. In addition to youth and adult culinary classes, Chef Robinson also hosts an online cooking show. Robinson enjoys the company of his son, Zahir, and daughter, Asia, which have both been a driving force behind his sixteen-year career in culinary arts.